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Date Nights UK Booking Information

Arranging a booking with one of our companions is really simple. 

Browse through our escorts and select the one you would like to meet or chat to us about recommendations. 

Complete our contact form or call our office

We will need:

  • Your membership number for Date Nights
  • The full address of your chosen venue
  • The date and time for the booking
  • How long the booking is for.
  • Type of dress code e.g. formal, black tie, casual
  • Any specifics required

We will check and then confirm with you that your chosen date is available.

Your chosen date can give you a call and introduce themselves and make any final arrangements for your date should you wish.

Please Note: The more notice you give the more chance you will have of finding your first choice companion available. A minimum of 48 hours notice is advised. 


Office: +442071938815

Mobile: +4407708 123 364

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