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If you are a couple looking to add a little extra spice, excitement, interest and pleasure to your already established relationship we have many mouth watering escorts available to view and hire here.

Hiring a companion is a simple and exciting way to explore and push sexual boundaries. Experiencing a threesome can provide pleasure for all involved, reignite the couples desire and enthusiasm for one another and fulfil erotic fantasies. Our couples escorts know exactly how to give sensual pleasures and keep everyone’s pulses racing and give memories that will leave a tingle and last a lifetime.

We always recommend that you, as a couple, have discussed at length what you are both comfortable with and where the boundaries are set. Our couples escorts are sensitive and understanding to all requirements. We have male and female escorts available to join all sex couples, so whether your relationship is currently heterosexual, gay, lesbian or other, our open minded companions are excited to meet you.

The most common reason for booking a consensual third party escort is to live out the males threesome fantasy, to have two women craving the man’s attention while he is offering pleasure to both is most men’s ultimate scenario. You may have been looking for sometime to meet a female who is bisexual, sexually liberated, willing and attractive to join yourselves and would have found that these ladies are nearly impossible to find which is why they are often referred to as unicorns. Most unicorns will soon realise how valuable they are and turn professional, therefore it is much easier for you to find them. Plus the experience that a couples escort posses can help guide you into the direction that will yield the most satisfying results for everyone.

The first time is exciting, thrilling – but we also understand it can be a little daunting and nerve wrecking. Our professional escorts for couples are experienced at putting everyone at ease and know how to create the perfect threesome experience that doesn’t leave one person feeling alienated. (Unless that’s what they have requested of course).

We also notice more often it can be the wife’s initiative to bring variety in to the relationship based upon her desire to experience intimacy with another woman and appreciate another female form being presented in front of them.

Some women book as they want to experience their first kiss with a woman and in these cases, the man may gain pleasure from simply watching. Maybe its up to the lady how far the man can go. Will it be a show? A dance? Foreplay only? There is no end to the various opportunities.

Seeing your partner being desired and passionate with another can be a massive turn on and cuckquean experiences are becoming ever more popular. Exploring your sexuality as a couple can be extremely liberating.

For others a threesome with a couples escort is a gift from one partner to the other, a green light to live out their deepest fantasies.

Never be afraid to be creative, in threesome textbooks, there are proper positions, but in reality, most of the time you will find yourselves entangled in awkward positions this adds immensely to the fun and you can get creative in utilising an idle hand or tongue.

We take the time to discuss and know your fantasies and boundaries in terms of the threesome, this way we can ensure everyone is getting the topmost pleasure from the scenario and the best escort for your requirements can be recommended to you.

If you are interested in becoming a couples escort we are always looking for new and sensual people to join in. Please fill in the form below to contact us.

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