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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Become A Social Companion?

The best way to get started as a non escort in the UK is through agencies such as ours. It is in your best interests to do your research and review any potential agency and the services it offers, both for you as an escort and for the clients. There is a reason why our agencies are among the most sought after in the country, as both client and escort consistently walk away satisfied. Sign in on our home page to get started.  We promise to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. As an initial step, we will assist you in deciding which is the right agency for you, based on the services you are willing to provide.

Who Are The Best Social Companions?

The best social companions, whether male or female, are outgoing, friendly individuals with a passion for meeting interesting and like-minded people. The ideal escort is a person who prioritizes his or her companion’s needs and is adept at anticipating their desires, and strives to satisfy them. Charisma, manners and appearance are paramount – the goal is for your companions to enjoy themselves and your company, such that they seek you out for future bookings.

How Much Do Social Companions Earn?

Earnings depend on various factors, such as your personality, desirability, and the type of service that you provide. The most successful escort, male or female, is willing to take on an array clients, without being overly limited with the clients they choose. The premise is simple – the more dates go on, the more money you will earn. The secret to being a high-earning escort is having clients re-book you time and time again. Based on the foregoing, a non sexual escort, for example, can earn per year up to 50,000 pounds. Most of our companions do this as a part-time evening/night job, while working or going to school during the day. They enjoy a night out, while getting paid for offering their company.

What Type Of Body Do I Need To Be An Escort?

This is the most common stereotype within the escort industry, most people believe that you need to have the perfect body and good looks. Form our experience this is not the truth people come in all different shapes and sizes. Understand that the client that hires the escort weather it be male or female has chosen them for what they see as beautiful or handsome.  Our companions and escorts vary from all different races and backgrounds what it comes down to is what the client is interested in and their particular taste. What matters the most is if you have the smarts to keep the client entertained and give them the service they are looking for. 

Why Become A Social Companion?

People choose to become a non sexual escort because they get to have fun, while earning a very decent amount of money on a part-time basis. Just like any other job, being an escort has its pros and cons; but its pros definitely outweigh its cons. Having the flexibility of selecting your working hours while earning as much or as little as you choose is a significant pro that most other jobs don’t offer. Working as a non sexual escort also gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, such as business men and women, which allows you to integrate yourself into the upper classes of society. Being an escort allows you to meet people from around the world. Earning 5 to 10 times more than any other job, travelling and being yourself – a natural social butterfly – are all appealing reasons why individuals choose this line of work. Being a social companion may not always be an easy job, however, so just make sure you analyse the pros and cons before applying.

What Is the Difference Between an Escort and a Prostitute?

An escort earns their money through companionship, not prostitution, and has a wide array of options in the services they are willing to provide. Escorts accompany their clients, rather than service them. The big difference between an escort and a prostitute is that an escort offers a higher value service, in turn commanding greater pay. They are intelligent, sophisticated, charming individuals, who keep their clients happy and entertained throughout the appointment. Prostitutes earn their money from sex. They spend less time with their clients, behind closed doors, and only have sexual favours to offer their clients; accordingly, they earn significantly less money.

What Are The Laws?

Being a companion or escort in the United Kingdom is not illegal however not understanding the law is an easy way to get into trouble.  We are here to help guide our clients and escorts to avoid any legal issues. We are a strictly out call service only were our companions and escorts meet in a public place or safe location.  

Why Do People Use A Social Companion?

People who seek out non sexual escorts are generally extremely business men and women who are hard at work in their careers, who don’t really have time for the social dating scene. On the other hand, we might have a business man or woman from out of town with no date for a business function or family gathering, looking for a social companion to show them around and keep them company. This type of dating service allows our clients to date our escorts with no strings attached.

How To Advertise Yourself As A Social Companion?

Advertising yourself and your services is not an easy job and marketing yourself the correct way will give you the exposure you need to become successful within the industry. The best form of advertising today is the internet, where the clients will come directly to book your services. There are many different websites that you can join for this purpose – independent websites where you can do your own advertising, or where you can hire an an agency that will do the advertising for you. Working with an agency is generally more successful, as they have the experience on how to market escorts in the best light. If you are new to this industry, it is always best to put yourself in the hands of an expert.

Why Become A Member Of Date Nights UK?

Our Companions network is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, covering all aspects of the adult entertainment industry. We have found that categorizing our escorts into different agencies (or services) allows our clients to be selective in the type of service they are seeking and, accordingly, the appropriate escort. We have hundreds of people viewing our website on a daily basis throughout the United Kingdom due to our advertising campaigns across all online search engines. Our website is superior to our current competitors and more easy to navigate than other websites.

How Do I Get My Client Bookings?

Once a client has confirmed a booking with you, we will give you 24 hours notice via email before the booking to see if you are available to take the date. We will send you a picture of the client and where and when then date will take place. You always have the choice to accept or decline the date; however, you must let us know your decision as soon a possible, so that we can confirm with the client and make alternative arrangements if necessary. For Social Companions, bookings are always held in an public place; for Private Escorts, you choose to met the client at your own discretion.

Why We Keep Our Services Confidential?

We offer our members and clients complete confidentiality and discretion at all times – this is something that is paramount, given the nature of the business. Our client list is vast and includes A list celebrities, CEOs of large companies, as well as people from more modest walks of life. Our clients know that any personal information provided to our staff never leaves our office. We are an independent agency and do not work with any other agencies outside of the Date Nights UK website. We can remove your profile from our website immediately upon request and will never share your details with anyone.

How To Dress For A Booking?

A Social Companion or Escort, male or female, should always look their best. They should be well groomed and manicured, and dressed appropriately for the type of date on which they are going. Always present yourself in the best possible light. The client may also have special requests, in which case we ask that you indulge to the extent practicable. But we always advise you, as a general matter, to look respectable and put your best foot forward, increasing the chances that the client will book you again for a second date.

How Do I Get Paid?

You get paid your fee in cash at the beginning of the date. All transport is also paid for by the client. The price for the date and the amount of hours will have been confirmed and agreed upon in advance. Your fee is yours to keep and should be discussed with your individual tax advisor. We do not retain any tax withholding on your behalf and we do not provide tax or financial advice. We are simply here as an agency, connecting our clients and members – you are not our employee.

How Long Before I Get My First Client?

Being new to the industry, there are a lot of unknowns. Be patient when you first start out as a non sexual companion or escort. This is something that may be difficult to accept, but you might also get lucky and start meeting clients right away. This generally is dependent on how well you market yourself and the agency you use, but we say, on average, there is a waiting period of six weeks before you get your first client.

Is There A Registration Fee & What Is Required?

We do charge our companions an annual sign up fee for each of our agencies and, in addition, charge a 30% commission for every appointment, which is paid by the client. This helps us with our marketing as a company and helps keep you on top in the industry by getting the proper exposure. To join our website, we will also require a copy of valid identification for age verification purposes, and have you sign our advertising agreement.

What are The Basic Rules For Social Companions & Escorts?

• Punctuality – always be on time for your date and take into account traffic conditions
• If you are late, please contact us so that we can inform the client
• Do not show up to your date drunk, on drugs, or otherwise impaired
• Make sure you are well presented and dressed for the right occasion
• Always tell a friend or family member where you are going
• Be on your best behaviour – remember this is our business and our reputation, and yours, must remain unscathed

What You Get Out Of Our Services?

• Confidentiality & Discretion
• A professional marketing team behind you
• An opportunity to meet new and interesting people, while enjoying yourself
• A network of good contacts to improve your social and professional circles
• Control of how much you earn and how much time you spend
• The option to choose whom you date
• The chance to meet people with no strings attached, while earning a good living
• Access to our first class Website and the traffic of members and clients to give you more exposure


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