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Our services support the LGBTQ+ community completely and provides a secure, safe and private platform for everyone’s enjoyment, safety and convenience.

Whether you are looking to explore your sexuality for the first time, enjoy a fun date night or looking for a long term partner we have created a one stop portal where co-conscious people can find each other with ease. We understand the LGBTQ+ dating scene well and work diligently to aid our clients in their search for developing unforgettable and meaningful connections on their quests for love or passion.

Below you will find a selection of non sexual escorts who are a hire a date service. If you want to impress with a classy, attractive and intelligent date we have many non sexual companions who can be proud of university degrees, successful carers and dazzling personalities. These escorts are ideal to accompany you to any business or social gatherings you may have.

Personal escorts are also available for the more intimate and private bookings. We recognize a huge demand, not only for those who already represent the LGBTQ+ community but also individuals who would like to use our services to explore different avenues of their sexuality for the first time. Many of our escorts understand the nervousness people can feel towards a first experience and are understanding and dedicated to giving a completely satisfying and unforgettable booking on the clients terms.

We also understand specific requirements and requests and understand these discussions can be awkward face to face and not the right vibe for a booking where relaxation and enjoyment are key. This is why we take the time to get to know our clients and their expectations and desires well. That way we can ensure that you are booking the best escort for ultimate chemistry and satisfaction.

We have a wide range of same sex escorts. You will find people of all different ages, sizes, shapes and ethnicities to ensure all tastes are accommodated for.

So, with the LGBT scene here in full swing we feel there is no better time to get yourself involved.

Please note that some of our escorts do not wish to be advertised on a public basis. For these discreet companions who are not found on any other sites we provide you with a username and password so you can view their profiles privately.

Our ethical position is to support the growing LGBTQ+ community who otherwise find it difficult to interact or make a healthy living through the pink pound. We are always on the look out for new companions and escorts that are willing to provide the services our clients are looking for and we would love to hear from you. If your interested in earning money for dating please fill in the form below.


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Please fill in the following form with as much detail as possible and a representative will contact you as soon as possible, we always aim to respond to new enquiries within twenty four hours.

If you are already a client, for a prioritized and speedy response, please use the private contact details to contact your personal representative which was provided within your welcome package.

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