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Weather you are looking to explore your sexuality for the first time, enjoy a fulfilling date night or looking for a long term partner we have created a one stop portal where co-conscious people can find each other with ease. We understand the LGBT dating scene and work diligently to aid our clients in their search for developing unforgettable and meaningful connections to fulfill your quest for love or passion.

We provide a personalized experience for our elite clients and value privacy, safety and preferences. Our LGBT community is vast, attracting many people throughout the United Kingdom, especially because of our discretion and confidentiality.

Please note that for various reasons some companions like to remain as discreet as possible. Photos and videos of these escorts can be emailed directly to clients upon request.

Meet your companions

Ben – Maidenhead

Mara – FInchley

Tammy – Sussex

Jessica – Bognoregius

Terrance – Camden Town

Pippa – Dorchester

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Please fill in the following form with as much detail as possible and a representative will contact you as soon as possible, we always aim to respond to new enquiries within twenty four hours.

If you are already a client, for a prioritized and speedy response, please use the private contact details to contact your personal representative which was provided within your welcome package.

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Our phone number is only available for our members and companions. to inquire please email us

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