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How many times in our lives have there been circumstances where we wish we had prepared differently or saved for a rainy day.

This year, we have all had our world’s turned upside down by the impacts of Covid-19 on our lifestyle, our freedom and for many, on our income. Without a shadow of a doubt, the pandemic has been extremely stressful, and for a lot of us has caused substantial financial worries.

Whether you’ve lost a job, had your pay slashed, or simply have investments which aren’t performing as you’d hoped, the chances are that, giving your time again, you may have made different preparations to safeguard your money.

And with the threat of further lockdowns or potential second waves, now may just be the time to start to think about how you can get avoid future damage to your finances.

How our escorts and companions have weathered the storm

Here at Date Nights UK, we aren’t just a website. We serve a full community of escorts, companions and clients, and we want to know that what we do makes a difference.

The majority of the companions on our site also have professional day jobs, many of which have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

However, speaking to the guys and girls that work as companions or escorts with us, there does seem to be some positive news.

While, like all of us, they may have been financially impacted by CV-19, and may have even lost their primary source of income, they felt protected by the regular cash income that they receive from working with Date Nights UK. Their escort of companion business has thrived, allowing them to continue with a high quality of life, and in many cases are getting to enjoy more time with friends, family and loved ones while still taking home the same pay as before – or if not in excess of what they earn at their regular day job.

We have a number of companions on our site who work in some of the worst affected industries including travel and aviation, hotels and hospitality and also other sectors where Covid-19 has had a devastating outcome.

We are super proud as an agency to know that we have made a real difference to people’s lives by affording them an additional depending source of income throughout the crisis.

Why work with Date Nights UK? Becoming an escort or companion

If, like many of our escorts and companions, you want to make sure that, whatever happens, you have a regular, consistent income, why not consider signing up with us. It’s easy, and it’s a great way to meet new and exciting people.

We have the broadest range of categories available on a UK website, so whether you’d prefer to be a social companion (non-sexual), or a more traditional private escort, you can work with us in any way which makes you feel comfortable.

We work with escorts from a broad spectrum of society, and the majority also have professional jobs or are studying for their future career. You can learn more about becoming an escort or companion here.

And don’t worry – we take your privacy seriously. So, you need never worry about your professional and personal life colliding – our private member’s area is fully secured, meaning you will only be found by our carefully vetted clients looking for their ideal date.

So, if you feel you have what it takes to make our client’s dreams come true – get in touch with us to find out more about becoming a companion with Date Nights UK.