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Our Social Companions should be outgoing, friendly and have a passion for meeting interesting like minded people and love to travel. People that use Social Escorts are manly extremely busy business men and women CEO’s of large companies that are hard at work on their careers and dedicate their lives to their work and don’t really have time for the social dating seen.

We appreciate many of our successful clients don’t have the time to date or have not found the right person, yet still have many business and social functions you need accompanying to. Having the undivided attention of an attractive and intelligent companion by your side can make any gathering more pleasurable and satisfying. Working as an escort also gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, such as business men and women, which allows you to integrate yourself into the upper classes of society.

Most of our social escorts do this as a part-time evening/night job, while working or going to school during the day. They enjoy a night out, while getting paid for offering their company.

Please note that for various reasons some companions like to remain as discreet as possible. Photos and videos of these escorts can be emailed directly to clients upon request.

Meet your companions

Charlotte – Essex

Tony – Cambridge

Becky – Slough

Troy – Sussex

Bethany – Swindon

Louise – Portsmouth

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Please fill in the following form with as much detail as possible and a representative will contact you as soon as possible, we always aim to respond to new enquiries within twenty four hours.

If you are already a client, for a prioritized and speedy response, please use the private contact details to contact your personal representative which was provided within your welcome package.

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